Affordable, Easy, and Quick Payroll Services

Dorco Enterprises offers first-in-class payroll services to small and large businesses, including:

  • SAME resources and technology as the largest payroll processors in the United States!
  • BETTER rates than the two largest payroll processors in the United States!
  • SUPERIOR customer service to accommodate your company-specific processing needs – exceptions, delivery options, checks or direct deposits, no escrow for payroll taxes, local and accessible service representatives.

Whether you’re a small to medium sized business owner with payroll, tax filing or HR management needs, or an accounting professional looking for the best payroll management service for your clients, we have a comprehensive and affordable solution for you.

With Dorco Enterprises payroll processing tasks become as simple as a single phone call to your local customer service representative. Or if you prefer, a keyboard click! 

All the Features of Larger Payroll Providers

Our system features extensive earnings and deductions categories, so we’re flexible enough for virtually any business. And unlike other payroll services, our package includes at no extra charge:

  • Complete tax filing services
  • Signed and sealed paychecks
  • A variety of easy-to-read Management Reports
  • Separate direct deposit accounts per individual employee

After the Fact Payroll Services

Provide us with your information and we can take care of making all payroll tax deposits timely and accurately. We can do the tedious year-end filings for you too! Our fees are affordable and the time you save is time you spend running your business doing what only you can do.